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Yusuke "Yu" Katoku

Yu spent his childhood in the United States. While at college, he played lacrosse at Keio University as well as at the University of North Carolina (one of the most prestigious college for lacrosse) for one year, experiencing the university sports scene in the United States and Japan. When studying abroad, he was shocked by the rapid evolution of US sports facilities and technologies.


After graduating, he worked at Mitsubishi Corporation for seven years, investing and operating oil and gas plants, as well as developing AI and IoT businesses. During his tenure at the company, he experienced long-term overseas training at Mitsubishi Corporation's Iraq Liaison Office in Jordan in the Middle East. During the training period in Jordan, he took a shot at the tryout for a local semi-professional team, which will most likely be his first and last professional tryout. (It's quite easy to imagine how that turned out.. )


After resigning from Mitsubishi Corporation, he entered the Master's Program in Sports Management at Columbia University, with the aim of expanding his knowledge and experience in the sports business. In addition to accumulating cutting-edge sports business know-how at the graduate school, he has established relationships with sports professionals in the United States and the technology companies.

In April 2018, Sporta Japan Corp. was established in Japan and the United States with a mission of “revolutionizing the 'Entertainment' of Japanese sports​. The company aims to make the Japanese sports scenes more entertaining by maximizing the passion of "Sports Nerds" every day.

Yu's Career






Enters Keio University’s Law Department with a concentration on political science. Graduated in Sept. 2009 with a degree of Bachelor of Law (LLB). Led the Keio University varsity lacrosse team to a national title as a starting mid-fielder.

Joins Mitsubishi Corporation Mainly concentrated on investing, project developing of international oil & gas related projects, and was stationed at Mitsubishi Corporation’s Iraqi Liaison Office in 2012.
Also, focused on new project creation, and oversaw projects such as the cross-division AI/IoT implementation project, and the business strategy development for Iran.
Continued to be a part of the lacrosse community by becoming the Head Coach of the Keio High School Men’s varsity lacrosse team.

Enters Columbia University’s Master of Science in Sports Management program, and concentrated on Sports Finance, Sports Marketing. Conducted deep dive studies, on how the future of sports tech start-ups will be, and helped the strategy building for several start-ups.

Established Sporta Corporation.

Graduated Columbia University (M.S.)

Founding Story

Even now, the charm of Michael Jordan in my childhood over 20 years ago and how the underdogs, the Cleveland Cavaliers, came back to win the NBA finals still strongly resonates with me.

Something came into my mind during this time. I thought to myself, “I only live once, and I want to do something that I won’t regret not doing later.” I decided to engage myself in the sports business, something which I have aspired since I first saw Michael Jordan on court.

Later on, I enrolled in the Sports Management Master’s program at Columbia University where I was able to acquire the business know-how and develop a great social network. While taking advantage of this network, I established Sporta Inc. along with the slogan ”let enthusiasts change sports”

Now, we have infused many groundbreaking technologies at our company. In addition to introducing this service to Japan and around Asia, we support the expansion of Japanese sports abroad. Moreover, the Sporta Information Department, under the umbrella of Sporta, distributes sports-related insights for the Japanese market.

- Yusuke "Yu" Katoku                      

Founder/CEO Sporta Japan Corp

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